Natural Fibres

Effortless Wool

One P discovered the world’s best wool from a sustainable supply chain that is socially, ethically and environmentally responsible.

Our fabric supplier was the first manufacturer to transition to fully traceable fibre providing the highest level of transparency and in turn, happier and healthier sheep.

A naturally breathable fibre, wool absorbs and evaporates moisture keeping you comfortable, cool and cling-free.

The active fibre has been proved in the adventure industry for its advantages over synthetics in resisting body odour and for adapting to the changes in body temperature. When worn, Merino Wool impacts the performance and health of the body in a magical way.

For the warmer months, our wool can feel up to two times cooler to touch than synthetic fabrics as it conducts heat away from the skin.

We know balancing work, life and family can be quite the adventure which is why we partnered with the same supplier as leaders in the adventure and activewear industry.

Tenacious Tencel

Tenacious but luxuriously soft, One P Tencel garments share the same properties as heavy silk with the added benefits of absorbing moisture and being easy to maintain.

Tencel is a fibre made from the wood pulp of trees which is produced via a “closed-loop system,” where “99% of the chemicals and solvents used to break down the wood pulp are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and low emissions.

The regenerated cellulose fabric is vegan-friendly, requires minimal laundry maintenance and can be re-worn in between washing.

Our Tencel garments feel incredible on the skin, it’s like the feeling you get with luxurious sheets or a soft fluffy towel.

Lovely Linen

As one of the world’s oldest fabrics, linen has stood the test of time with its versatility, durability and strength. Like land and soil, our lovely linen complements our luxurious Tencel when paired together.

Linen is the result of a complex process which derives from the flax plant. It’s 2-3 times stronger than cotton and allows for airflow by keeping clothing away from the skin. The durable fabric is anti-cling and anti-static and enables the body to breathe.

While cotton and other synthetic materials are cheaper and easier to make, linen continues to be the superior choice for quality and enduring popularity.

Conscious Cotton

Where possible, One P makes a conscious effort to source organic cotton blends for our garments.

The well-known textile fibre comes from soft white puffs which surround the seeds on the cotton plant. While most brands and fashion houses continue to use conventionally farmed cotton, there is a growing trend towards the organic alternative.

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. Its grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilisers so as to maintain soil fertility and not impact farmer health.

Despite the popularity of organic cotton, the proportion of farmers who produce organic cotton pales in comparison to the conventional farming method.