Key fashion trends 2021

A sneak peek into the latest trends coming your way….

As a designer I am not driven by the latest trends, I am more focused on delivering beautiful pieces that last the test of time and make ALL women feel confident when they step out.

Do not get me wrong, I cannot deny my love of keeping abreast of the latest trends around the world. I admit to watching all the latest runway shows for hours on end looking at what is coming down the line for Australian women. And when they make sense for us, it is a source of inspiration when I am designing for One P.

Given I have put all these market research hours in I thought what better group to share with than our One P community. So here is your personal head’s up – your sneak peek on what fashion trends will be gracing our shores in the year ahead.

Dress to relax!

Majority of designers across the globe are cashing in on the whole relaxed vibe that many women have adopted through this year of being at home. It has been a tumultuous year that has involved a lot of home time, and juggling virtual meetings, home schooling and housework – so relaxed and comfortable dressing makes perfect sense.

Here is a quick snapshot of the key trends we will be seeing throughout 2021.

1.       The relaxed fit button shirting

We will see an abundance of relaxed boyfriend style shirts. One P already has two styles just because I love that look. The relaxed shirting is a versatile piece that can be worn with jeans or paired with work pants. Add a blazer and you are dressed for whatever comes your way.

2.       Bold and pastel colours

Black, white, and grey are out! Given the year we have had, we all need a bit of colour in our lives. The runways have been filled with everything from neon, tie dye and pastels. My suggestion is to be bold and take a leap into the world of colour this year. Ensure if you are going for a colour that might make you feel washed out, wear a bold lipstick to ensure the colour is not wearing you. It is a miracle how the right colour lipstick can make it possible for you to wear any colour you heart desires.

3.       Tracksuits

We saw the introduction of tracksuits last winter but with limited options. Trying to find a nice tracksuit last year was slim pickings. This year you will have a plethora of options for tracksuits across all colours and styles. My suggestion would be to get on board, the right tracksuit can look stylish and is such an easy option.  I am truly hoping this tracksuit trend is here to stay and it puts some pressure on the active wear movement to use more natural options, only because I do not think I can fathom anymore takes on lycra.

4.       Bold shoulder

This summer we have seen the 80s come back into style with the shoulder pad making an appearance in t-shirts and dresses. This trend seems to be staying around as we head into winter and we will see new versions in shirting, jumpers, dresses, and tops. I do not mind a very subtle padding and if you have sloping shoulders it does wonders for you silhouette. My recommendation would be to be open to trying but not jumping in with two feet.

5.       Wide legs

Wide legs are back baby! This year we will see wide legs in jeans, and basically all types of pant styles. I am not going to lie; this is probably my favourite trend for this year – I can say that because I am 5’11. For those a little on the shorter side you have options with a more ¾ wide leg option which is also going to be popular this year.

I hope you now have a good feel for what to keep an eye out for and see what works for you.

My advice would be to keep an open mind, you never know what might make you feel good until you give it a try.

Happy relax-dressing!


Hayley Clarke

Co-Founder & Designer 

One P Design 




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