Dressing for fertility treatment

Fiona is a model, TV presenter and recently launched the podcast “What the IVF” sharing her and her fiancée Hayley on their fertility journey.

We asked Fiona to share her experience dressing during her treatment. 

Tell us a little about your fertility journey

Our fertility journey was a roller coaster, but it’s one i’d ride again and again because you learn so much about yourself and your relationship. We are lucky enough to have fallen after 3 attempts, we say lucky because we know a lot of other couples out there who have been through much longer journeys to start a family. It was a beautiful challenge, one that we tackled together and will do again soon when Hayley starts trying!

Why did you decide to launch a podcast in the middle of your journey?

The idea to launch a podcast happened when I found I was feeling alone on my journey. On a particular day I mentioned on Instagram the loneliness i was feeling during my efforts to fall and the ongoing battle I was having with my body. From one post, I had such an incredible response and was shocked to learn how many people go through this journey in silence. So from there Hayley and I decided to talk about our journey publicly, in the hopes of helping women and parents out there feel less alone when they go down the IVF/assisted fertility route. 

What side effects did you experience with fertility treatment?

I felt like I had been hit by a bus, almost all the time. I think because your body is going through so much change it’s exhausting and I just felt tired and emotional all the time. I half expected that to be the case though when you’re putting your body through such a big process it’s no surprise it eventually takes its toll! 

What are some of the key considerations when dressing during fertility treatment?

I think the number one consideration for me when dressing for fertility treatment is comfort.  The whole process can leave you feeling a little bit sick, bloated and just out of sorts so wearing clothing that are loose and breathable is very important. 

Did you find you made different choices in clothes on certain days?

I really did I found myself reaching for elastic waist loose pants or dresses on days leading up to egg collection as my stomach was so bloated. I could not wear anything tight like jeans or fabrics that did not breathe. 

What One P garments do you recommend?

I love the Tencel linen wrap dresses so soft and breathable and loose fitting around the tummy. Just a dream to wear! 


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