Naturally, the best choice
Our ethically sourced natural fibres work as hard as you
Timeless styles for time-poor women
The wardrobe essentials making life easier for working women
Join us in the movement for sizing that acknowledges the changes in a woman’s body over the years
Simple care solutions
Our easy to care for garments work as hard as you do to save you time and money

Effortless, Empowering & Sustainable

Designed and manufactured in Australia, One P is the sustainable fashion label delivering choice and confidence for busy working women.

One P champion the idea of minimalistic wardrobes with functional, simple and natural workwear choices.

In addition to giving women back one per cent of their day, One P strives to empower women while making a positive stand for the environment and against fast fashion.


What does One P stand for?

We design for time poor women, not trends.

On average women spend 15 minutes deciding what to wear before making thousands of other decisions throughout the day. We’re here to give time poor women back one percent (One P) of their day with our functional Australian women’s business wear.

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